Here’s a small archive of the exhibitors that could be found at the 2014 Hamilton Zinefest. Keep an eye out for when 2015 exhibitors are announced.

2014 /

Pikitia Press Pikitia Press  /

Est. in 2012, Pikitia Press publish and distribute fine comics by Australian and New Zealand cartoonists. The Pikitia Press blog regularly updates with news, articles and interviews from the Australasian comics scene. New comics debuting at the Hamilton Zinefest include work by Barry Linton, Will Donald, M.Emery, Sarah Laing and James Squires.

Jam Toast /

Jam Toast is a series zines consisting of ‘the obscure thoughts and observations of my head.’ The zines capture many peculiar phrases, which often develop rather randomly in my head, without my consent. These phrases tend to form during the mundane events of my life.  In an effort to learn more about some great designers of the past Jam Toast has just started creating a ‘designer’ range. This range consists of a number of zines based on famous designers and illustrates their unique style in a small number of pages.

B_Galloway Bryce Galloway /

Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People – don’t take the title too literally; you’ll be sadly disappointed, or pleasantly surprised, depending on your predilection. Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People is most often the everyday diary of its 48 year-old creator Bryce Galloway: true tales of parenthood, teen diary episodes from 80s Hamilton, or days strung together as single-page comics narratives. Some episodes detour off into fan art, or warts ‘n’ all accounts of larger art projects by Galloway. Smelly. Self-effacing, Bleak. Funny


Monster    Ducklingmonster  /

Paper kipple zine/comics/zine/comics

The Audio Foundation Zine Library  /  The Audio Foundation Zine Library is a community collection of publications, held in Auckland,  with a focus on  independent and adventurous visions, creative engagement and critical enquiry in sound and music practice in Aotearoa/NZ .


NZZR 3x3 NZ Zine Review  /

New Zealand Zine Review was founded in 2013 by Kylie Buck and Tessa Stubbing. We aim to promote local zines, offer critique and feedback and facilitate discussion around zine making in Aotearoa. We post reviews to our blog every Monday, and publish a printed annual which features other zine-related tidbits and info. www.newzealandzinereview.org.nz


Lucy Meyle photo(hah) Lucy Meyle  /

Experimental comics about repetition, T.V, and the accidental removal of limbs. Also: dumb jokes.


rex_cover The ComicBook Factory  /

The ComicBook Factory is a small press publishing house that produces mini-comics, cartoons, illustration and animation. The latest comic ‘Holocaust Rex – Book One’ and other titles are available online here – http://comicbookfactory.bigcartel.com

‘…a design sense that makes each issue feel more like an object d’art than a small press production’ – Gosh! Comics, London


potroast image Pot Roast  /

Potroast, founded in April 2009, is a biannual literary magazine of original short-fiction, poetry, illustration, photography and art.  Potroast has a focus on work which is exploratory and experimental.  We look for work which is expanding boundaries within the library concepts of poetry, short prose and polyvocal & dialogue-based work and art & illustration which explores the boundaries between image and storytelling; narrative drawing, graphic storytelling.

We are Auckland-based and feature New Zealand based contributors but also publish work from artists and writers from all over the world including Australia, Portugal, the UK, and the USA. Our contributors come from diverse backgrounds, and the work published in Potroast reflects this.


richard%20richards%20image Richard Richards  /

Abstract zines, asemic writing, hentai and recipes. Something for everyone.


health%20wealth%20and%20happiness%20image Health Wealth and Happiness  /

Health Wealth & Happiness found art nightmare catalogue. hwahhwah.tumblr.com


M_Simms_P1070734 Meliors Simms  /

“…you are riding a bus between distant cities, and when it stops for 15 minutes in a tiny country town you disembark gratefully, gulp down an icy drink and then wander next door to a dim and dusty secondhand store. Rummaging in a bin of old leaflets you find a manila portfolio. Through the foxing on its typewritten label you read ‘Five Fossils’ and intrigued, you unwrap the red thread closure. Inside are an ammonite, star fish, sea urchin, trilobite and Ediacaran jellyfish. You finger the dry and delicate texture of the paper fossils, and then realise there is a coffee-stained typed page tucked behind them. But outside you hear the rumble of the bus engine starting, there’s no time to read the text. The old man muttering to himself behind the cluttered counter sells you the portfolio and you scramble back on the bus feeling that you’ve just scored a mysterious bargain that will transform the rest of your dull coach trip.”


BW_BristleDetail Brent Willis  /

Brent Willis has been blurring the lines between comics and zines for nearly two decades and has produced many a memorable grungy little comic booklet, either by himself or in collaboration with others.  Lately he has been focussing his energy on a quarterly comic zine called Whark!, and editing a homegrown comic anthology called Bristle. And he’ll have other mysterious but cheap items for sale too!


VincentKonrad Vincent Konrad  /

After winning ‘Best of the Fest’ at last year’s Wellington Zinefest, Vincent has been resting on his laurels and producing very little new work. Available will be the winning zine, as well as reprints of a few comics collections, short stories, and the second issue of ‘Vincent Quarterly’, the title of which is at least half right.


rebelpress_zinefest Rebel Press  /

Rebel Press is an anarchist publishing collective based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. We started up in 2006 because we wanted to create a platform for anarchist and radical voices from Aotearoa and the wider South Pacific. We publish zines, pamphlets, and books that deal with struggles against power and inequality: for decolonisation, feminism, queer and trans liberation, socialist economics, and anarchism.


Familytree02 Louis Graham  /

My name is Louis Graham and I currently study Computer Graphic design at the University of Waikato.
I have a webcomic called ‘Mountain moon volcano’ and you’ll never guess what it’s about.
The first comic I ever made was a long time ago, but I think it was about monkeys.
The first comic I ever sold was to my aunty and it was about Santa vomiting.


Grafikheart Grafikheart  /

Zine maker, crazy cat lady, graphic designer, baking enthusiast, human etc


_MG_9436-2 Shawn Rolton [pushinguppixels collective]  /

First issue of Portraiture Study using non-directed boundary formed methodologies for investigating intimate pseudo-documentary approaches to portraiture in uncrafted environs.


profile Disgusting Mass Publications  /

Disgusting Mass is an accumulation of content intended to flood an already swamped marketplace of words and images. In an oversaturated information age, a product-for-products sake mentality overrides any concepts of substance or coherence, which is a good environment for the self-publisher to occupy.


Rob Thompson  /

Created using a simple cut and paste approach, I’m not ready is a Q+A Zine created by Hamilton based musician and show organiser Rob Thompson. Named after a Modern Life is War song, the main focus of I’m not ready is to interview musicians and contributors to the Hardcore & Punk music scenes world wide. With the first issue relased at this year’s Hamtown Smakdown festival, plans are already set for the second installment. imnotready.bigcartel.com



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