Say Cheese Louise

A photographer, designers and film-maker – and I run a blog about creativity, mental health, and feminism.

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Edgar, Allan and Poe

A project which began as a few simple mid-lecture scribbling’s in my first year of University, later given their own back story over the course of a paper in screen writing, now brought to their full monochromatic fruition!

A collection of short tales and skits involving the three titular characters.

Heavily inspired by the works of Charles Addams and Jhonen Vasquez.

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Wet Feet.png

Single Dad Drawings

My zines are usually absurd representations of mundane moments. I started making them about the cinema I work at and the strange people that came to visit. Now it has developed into trying to describe small things like walking down queen street or the really magical feeling you get sometimes on a Sunday morning.

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More to come!