Some of our wonderful exhibitors in 2015 //                                                 

                                 VINCENT KONRAD
‘Until today it had been a very long time since Vincent did a self portrait, or any portrait of a real person. This will be his first time at Hamilton Zinefest in a more or less corporeal form.’


NEW ISSUE – Potroast #14 printed just in time for Hamilton Zinefest.
Potroast is an annual literary and visual media ‘zine. We’re submission based, with 3 editors. We love the experimental and the exploratory, and we print work which pushes the boundaries between the visual and the literary.


Sam has been drawing comics since he was a little girl. He is passionate about telling stories that celebrate the rich depth and diversity of our communities. He draws an autobio webcomic about his life as a queer trans man at www.roostertailscomic.com

AUT zine club

The AUT Zine Club is a Auckland-based collective of Zine Makers. Over the past three years we have built up an eclectic range of zines that spans illustration, comics, satire, graphic design, and all manner of funky fresh themes. With over 30 titles, you know there will be something to tickle your fancy. Get on down to Hamilton zinefest to see real-life members of the AUT Zine club peddling their wares on the mean streets of Hamilton City.

07011 1

“Just over seven years ago, writer David Merritt sat down on a park bench on K Road in Auckland and started to make, sell and give away books of poems he had made out of recycled Readers Digest condensed book covers. Using a rubber stamp pad alphabet set, a stapler, glue sticks, and a copyleft intellectual property model, he has now published over 50 distinct titles from single page books to collections, box sets and anthologies. During this time he has taken the David Merritt Poetry Experience to parts far north and south of New Zealand, reinventing a poetry career that now stretches over 27 years.”  Phantom Poetry


Three Words is the forthcoming anthology of Aotearoa women’s cartoons and comics edited by Indira Neville, Sarah Laing and Rae Joyce. The book will incorporate both existing and new work. We want to make visible the depth and breadth of women’s comics; showing off some of the beautiful, amazing and often-unseen women’s comics of the past, as well as providing an opportunity for collaboration and the creation of new book-specific pieces via the Three words concept.

                                                                                 BRYCE GALLOWAY

Bryce Galloway has been producing his Incredibly Hot Sex With Hideous People zine since February 2002. Egads! That means your teenage zinester was in preschool while Bryce was cruising (no, not like that) Cuba Mall in his home town of Wellington, dropping his zine into all cafes, CD stores and galleries. The CD stores have all gone, but Bryce can still be spotted harumphing over the monopoly exerted by Phantom Bill Posters; clearing a wad of flyers for meditation workshops and IT courses to make room for his quarter-yearly freebee zine.
Passerby pick up his zine, no doubt wondering what sort of titillating freak show lies inside, only to be disappointed. Galloway writes everyday narratives about parenting, travel or the purchase of that first cell phone, or he diarises his days in comic strip form. Sometimes he’s brave enough to reprint episodes from his teenage diary. At other times he collects contributor anecdotes about run-ins with the rich and famous.
Some readers get over the fact that there’s nary any hot sex with hideous people inside Galloway’s zine, and decide they like it anyway. Awe, bless!

                                                                               NZ ZINE REVIEW
New Zealand Zine Review was founded in 2013 by Kylie Buck and Tessa Stubbing. We aim to promote local zines, offer critique and feedback and facilitate discussion around zine making in Aotearoa. We post reviews to our blog every Monday, and publish a printed annual which features other zine-related tidbits and info. www.newzealandzinereview.org.nz

                                                                                     CUTE BRUISER
We’ll have a bunch of feminist content, a few Cute Bruiser back issues, plus the new and improved Bruiser Buds collaborative zine. Also a zine about swords.

                                                                                   WILLOW SCARLETT

Willow Scarlett is a queer romance writer from New Zealand. In early 2015, she quit city life and moved to a ski hut at the foot of Mt Doom. She now happily lives and writes in a tiny town which is home to more alpacas than people.
Her greatest joy is in creating holistic romances, bringing characters through friendship and lust to consuming, eye-opening, world-fulfilling love. Her stories often feature punks, rebels and outcasts.
Willow is an avid jogger and cyclist, a neocrust violinist and an enthusiastic fan of horror movies.

                                                                                      MELIORS SIMMS
It’s been more than 10 years since Meliors Simms started making artist books, zines and letterpress. Meliors’ latest publication gets back to basics, reviving her childhood love of paper dolls as a classic fanzine, made in homage to TV’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. 

                                                                                       OBJET DA DA


Objet Da Da Established in October 2014. Produced in Hamilton and distributed throughout NZ and a bundle in England. Documenting found artifacts, mainly pictorial with some text that re-contextualizes the artifacts. Each issue is unique and reflects a theme relating to current social or political issues. There is no website or digital copies, this is a print based Zine. Matt Black is the publisher. At the Hamilton Zinefest, back issues will be for sale and the new issue will be launched. An Objet Da Da exhibition at Doras Café will open on Monday 11th May.



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